Purchasing Methods test

Purchasing Methods test

Agreements & Blankets

Purchasing is easy when you use a list of suppliers with goods and services at established University prices.

If what you need to buy is covered by an agreement, you may order it directly from the supplier by taking the following steps:

  1. Find the commodity or vendor from the Vendor Agreements List.
  2. Create in BruinBuy an order class A which signifies a release against that agreement.
  3. Contact the vendor directly. Provide:
    • The agreement number from the Agreement list.
    • The BruinBuy order number (10-digit number) from item 2 above that the supplier uses to identify your order and invoice.


This e-procurement system allows users to buy products for the University from a variety of vendors.

BruinBuy is a web-based method of purchasing that uses electronic catalogs featuring UCLA’s recommended suppliers. You can also purchase items not in the catalog by placing a special request. 

You must be trained and authorized to use the BruinBuy system. 

Credit & Debit Cards

Use for purchases of less than $5,000 on nonrestricted items, such as travel, entertainment and food.

Buying on eBay

It's easy to buy online at eBay and other websites using the Pcard. Here are some caveats.

Low-Value Orders

Fast way for departments to make purchases of up to $5,000 without going through Campus Purchasing.

Request a Purchase Order

Use requisitions for orders in excess of $5,000. Purchasing experts can assist you with orders of any dollar amount.