iShip Services at UCLA

UPS will be discontinuing the iShip service effective December 31, 2022. Review our user notice for additional information and replacement shipping options. 

Convenient shipping of letters and small packages without a BruinBuy Purchase Order

iShip is a UPS application that can be used to ship letters and small packages via UPS without the need of a BruinBuy Purchase Order (PO). It is offered as an alternative to using FedEx in BruinBuy, though FedEx will still be available in BruinBuy. Similarly, other options are still available, such as UPS WorldShip, UPS CampusShip and UCLA Mail, Document & Distribution Services.

How iShip Works

With iShip, all you need is an FAU(s) for iShip in DACSS. The system will validate the FAU before the label can be printed. The FAU information is included in the electronic invoice file* from UPS, so each UPS invoice is charged directly to the associated FAU. You no longer need to pay the invoice with a BruinBuy PO.

  • Log in to iShip
  • Enter the shipment information
  • Print the shipping label**
  • Drop off the letter or package at any UPS drop-off box***
* Electronic invoices are sent directly to UCLA Accounts Payable
** No label printer needed, print to 8 1/2 x 11 paper from your desk
*** UPS pickups can also be scheduled using iShip

Benefits of Using iShip

  • Streamlined, user-friendly process
  • No BruinBuy PO required
  • No BruinBuy training required
  • Electronic invoices/payments sent directly to UCLA Accounts Payable each week
  • Notice sent when invoice has been processed (see example of notice)

Getting Started with iShip

Prerequisites: OASIS Logon ID and APSHP function in DACSS.

Register for iShip

After registering, to access iShip, click the Register button above.

iShip Quick Start Guide
iShip Quick Start Video
Shipping Internationally
Pickup Locations

Ordering Shipping Supplies

If shipping supplies are needed, please call (800) 877-1497 and provide account number Y1A490 and the shipping address for the items. 

Information for DSAS

iShip DSA DACSS Guide


Questions? Email the BruinBuy Help Desk at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the definition of a 'small package' for iShip?
  • Packages can be up to 108 inches in length, up to 150 pounds and up to 165 inches in length and girth combined. These are maximums to be considered a 'small package'. Certain packages that meet the 'small package' criteria can be subject to Additional Handling, Large Package and other fees depending on the size and weight. 

  • Can I use a non-UPS box to ship small packages via iShip? Can I use any cardboard box?
  • Yes, but you must specify "Other Packaging" as the Packaging Type and enter the package's dimensions. When choosing "Carrier Letter" or "Carrier Pack", the branded package must be used in order to receive the rate displayed in iShip.

  • If a small package incurs Additional Handling charges, how will these charges be added to the invoice? How will my department see these charges?
  • The extra charge will be included in the displayed shipping cost, but will not be itemized. 

  • If a department uses their own packaging and indicates "Other Packaging" and the package's dimensions, will they receive the discounted iShip rates?
  • Yes. However, if a department marks a package as "Carrier Letter" or "Carrier Pack" and does not use the UPS packaging, they will not receive the discounted iShip rates. 

  • Is there a pickup charge?
  • No, not for addresses associated with the main account number. Charges are incurred for addresses outside of campus not associated with the main account number.

  • How can I add a location to the pickup route to avoid charges?
  • New pickup requests must be sent via email to Bonita Perkins. Please send the following information: 

    Pickup address
    Contact for pickup
    Contact phone number
    Contact email address
    Preferred time of pickup
    Exact location of the new pickup stop

  • Will I see the charge before shipping?
  • Yes. You can call UPS or visit the UPS website to see pickup charges.

  • Can I ship to a PO Box?
  • No, UPS does not ship letters and packages to  PO Boxes.

  • Can I ship international letters?
  • Yes, you may freely ship international letters. If you need to ship an international package, please visit Mail, Document & Distribution Services

  • What is available for loss or damage protection?
  • Non-letters (documents) are not covered for loss or damage protection.
    The value loaded onto a gift card is not covered for loss or damage protection.
    For packages, you are automatically covered for the first $100 of the shipment value.
    You can specify a declared value and purchase additional protection.

  • Contact UPS for more specific information.