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Software Review for PCard Transaction

When to Submit a J-Class Requisition (Domestic Software Request on a PCard)


This process must be completed before submitting an PCard exception request through Concur. 

Before submitting a J-Class Requisition, first attempt to obtain similar software either through Software Central, SHI, ASUCLA, or from existing vendors who accept purchase orders. If no other source is available, a triage must be submitted to GRC for review and approval for Campus before a “J” class requisition is submitted. 

For Mednet or Health Sciences transactions, an IT health questionnaire must be filled out and submitted as a "J" requisition with the software quote or proposal.

In BruinBuy, go to Create > Special Request/Non-Catalog. 

1) The vendor number should be entered as 999990001, as this would not be from a vendor in the system. The Class of order should be J with the requestor’s name included. The PAN subject should read T&C to be reviewed with the requestor’s phone number included. 2) The FAU should be left blank since this would be a PCard transaction. 3) The item line should not have a qty or unit price filled in with the description written stated in the slide. 4) Once this is complete, the requester should click on the Attachments button.

Special Request/Non-Catalog


The Attachments window will appear. Click the New button to attach the Terms & Conditions as well as the Triage Form approval from IT for UCLA Campus Purchasing to review in one combined document. 

New Attachment


    1) After attaching the Terms & Conditions and IT approval 2) Add Document Notes to state that this is for review of the Terms & Conditions for a Pcard transaction. 3) Select Other under the Other subcategory. 4) Once completed, click Save and submit the document for review.

    Special Request/Non-Catalog


    To view submitted requisitions click on BruinBuy How To Documents located on the BruinBuy home page and scroll down to Requisitions - Track Your J-class & R-class Requisitions.

    BruinBuy How To Documents


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