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Event Tickets that Include Donation in Price

Generally, UC policy prohibits campus departments from making donations to outside organizations or charities without advance written approval from the Chancellor.

There are two exceptions to this policy:

  • Sympathy gifts to a charity in lieu of flowers are allowable under G-41, Employee Non-Cash Awards and Other Gifts, subject to specific limits and guidelines. See Business and Finance Bulletin G-41 for guidance.
  • The second exception involves a meal or ticket to an outside nonprofit entity’s event where a donation component is bundled with the ticket price. Such expenditures may be allowable under BUS-79, Expenditures for Business Meetings, Entertainment and Other Occasions. See Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-79 for guidance.

UCLA has guidelines for events sponsored by the UCLA Foundation, internal campus departments and other commonly encountered situations. See Related Information for UCLA guidelines when ticket prices include a donation component.