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Domestic and International Freight Carriers

Mail, Document & Distribution Services (MDDS)

MDDS utilizes USPS for campus’ outbound shipping and receiving needs. All USPS shipments must follow UCLA Policy 310: UCLA Mail & Bulk Mail Services

No purchase order (PO) or credit card information is needed for shipping. MDDS recharges will be sent to the department ledger at the end of the month. 

  • Domestic Shipping: Packages can be dropped off at the UCLA Strathmore Level B Lobby or picked up during the department’s regular mail stop. A UCLA return address with a valid recharge ID must be listed on the package.  
REMINDER: MDDS offers free USPS Priority and Priority Express boxes.  


NOTE: Packages containing nondutiable documents under 16 ounces generally do not need an online customs form.  


Additional information can be found on the Mail, Documents & Distribution website. 

For questions or concerns, email


UCLA departments looking to utilize FedEx must set up a UCLA-affiliated account. 

NOTE: FedEx purchases can be made with a PCard. Review the Common PCard Purchases web page for additional information. If your unit does not have a PCard, FedEx invoices can be paid via BruinBuy Plus' "Shipping Payments" form. 

Follow the instructions in FedEx’s How Do I Create A New FedEx Account knowledge article. Departments should create a business account, not a personal account.  

Once your account has been created, complete the FedEx New Government Account Request Form and send it to to receive UCLA-specific pricing. 

REMINDER: When creating an account, you may be asked for credit card information. PCards can be used in this setup process.  

If your department has an existing FedEx business account, complete the FedEx New Government Account Request Form and send it to to receive UCLA-specific pricing.  

  • Account Maintenance and/or Account Set Up:  
  • Invoice Adjustments & Invoice Inquiries:  
  • International Customer Service: 800-247-4747  
  • FedEx Freight Service: 800-332-0807 
  • Support: 877-339-2774
  • All Other Inquiries (e.g., customer service, tracking, tracing, claims): 800-GO-FEDEX (800-463-3339)  

American Cargoservice 

American Cargoservice is a full service domestic and international freight forwarder that possesses customs power-of-attorney for UCLA. International inbound shipments valued over $2,500 and/or traveling internationally require formal clearance by a customs broker and must go through American Cargoservice.

Detailed instructions for shipping with American Cargoservice can be found on their website

NOTE: Prior to shipping internationally, complete the shipping intake form and send it to   

American Cargo Service 
7886 Convoy Court 
San Diego, CA 92111 
For questions or concerns, contact Crystal Laramie at 858-565-4125 or email

United Parcel Service (UPS)

When shipping with UPS, UCLA departments must create their own account. UPS invoices can be paid via BruinBuy Plus' "Shipping Payments" form. 

Shipping instructions can be found on the UPS website.

For questions or concerns, contact Angela Richardson-Spann at or 800-550-4184 (x114-2367). 

  • UPS Enterprise Customer Support: 800-877-1497
  • UPS General Customer Service: 800-377-4877
  • UPS Technical Support: 888-553-1118 
  • UPS International Shipping: 866-225-8308
  • UPS World Ship - Tech Support: 888-553-1118
  • Tech Support: 877-289-6418
  • UPS Tracking & Supply Ordering: 800-742-5877
  • UPS Billing Inquiries: 800-811-1648
  • UPS Payment by Phone: 800-477-7080
  • UPS Quantum View Manage: 800-247-9035