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Business Contracts

What are Business Contracts? 

Business Contracts (BCs) are revenue service agreements between UCLA and a (non-federal) client where the client will pay UCLA to render services and net income is achieved. "Incoming" refers to the flow of funds, meaning that UCLA is paid for rendering services.

The BC unit reviews and administers revenue-generating agreements that produce net income (after expenses) for UCLA on behalf of The Regents of the University of California (UC Regents). Our goal is to provide a value-added service that meets your department’s timelines and goals.


  • Specific Intent to Generate Net Income after Revenue & Expenses, which can be used to fund other educational & related goals
  • Typically more complex than a standard sales & service rate agreement – Contact Sales & Service 
  • No Pre-Defined rates are set
  • Defined Time Frame and End Date – i.e., 1 week, month, year  (Jan 1 – March 1)

OUR MISSION: To support UCLA’s revenue agreement needs with the best value product or service to the customer, while maintaining the public's trust and fulfilling public policy objectives of the UC system.


Many Departments are seeking ways to fund ambitious strategic priorities. Utilizing nontraditional revenue streams is achievable with business contracts.

Throughout UCLA there are resoures, motivated people and cutting-edge expertise, which through collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking could be utilized to capture awaiting opportunities for additional and new risk-appropriate sustainable revenue streams.


Agreements include many considerations beyond the scope of work and the services being rendered:   

  1. Terms & Conditions must align with UCOP policy
  2. Adherence to federal & state laws. (i.e., Export Control)
  3. Evaluation of the financial responsibility of the customer (i.e., Dun & Bradstreet)
  • Our unit executes your agreement consistent with the above considerations

Request a Service Agreement

Request a new service agreement or amendment to an existing agreement using the process below:

Required Documents to process a request:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Detailed Internal Budget (fully costed)
    • A budget with Differential Income is not required if your department operates as a Recharge Unit.
  3. Customer Information: Address, Website, Names of Clients, Tax ID# (if applicable)
  4. Conflict of Interest Inquiry Form (required to prevent and mitigate conflicts)

NOTE: If your agreement does not qualify as a business contract, then BC will collaborate with the appropriate department(s) to transfer the request.


The use of templates promotes consistency across the University and minimizes potential risk to the University

Suggested Templates approved by the University and/or UCOP (please email Business Contracts for templates):

  1. Revenue Agreement Initial Template (UCOP Approved)
  2. Revenue Agreement Amendment Template (UCOP Approved)
  3. Affiliation Agreement Template (University Approved)
  4. Central Ticket Office Template (University Approved)
  5. Sponsorship Agreement Template (University Approved)

In addition to the use of templates, there may be other relevant policy considerations that apply to BC agreements. Templates are only One-step in multiple steps to ensure a sound agreement.

Policies & Laws


The Business Contracts Matrix provides clarity regarding the differences between a sales & services agreement and a revenue generating (business contract) agreement.

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