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How to Make a Purchase with a Procurement Card (PCard)

Steps Details
1. Before deciding to use your PCard, review UCLA supplier options

Consider these options before selecting an outside supplier:

  • BruinBuy catalog shopping.
  • Strategic Sourcing Agreements.
  • UC Systemwide Agreements.
  • Campus Purchasing Department (restricted/0000K Agreements).
  • Campus Service Units (Catering, Mail and Document Services, Facilities).
2. Review purchasing documents

Read the information and guidelines for purchasing a variety of goods and services in the buying section of this web site.

3. If you decide to use your PCard, contact an outside supplier

If you choose to purchase from an outside supplier using your PCard, contact the supplier:

  • By phone
  • On a secure website
  • In person
4. Determine price and availability
  1. Inform the supplier that you are a UCLA employee
  2. Request any educational discounts that apply
  3. Request price and availability of the product

NOTE: A single purchase may not exceed the program maximum or limit set be the cardholder’s individual department (including tax and freight). It is against policy to "split" charges to bypass PCard program limits. 

5. Determine taxation
  1. Ask the supplier if sales tax will be applied to the item. UCLA must pay tax on taxable goods, even if the tax is not applied at the time of purchase
  2. Note on the receipt or packing slip whether tax was applied to the sale
  3. Retain all charge slips and receipts
6. Provide the shipping address

If your purchase requires shipping, tell the merchant to add your name and phone number to the shipping label for fast, prompt delivery. 

7. Turn in the documentation

Cardholders are responsible for ensuring their PCard statements are reconciled in a timely manner and in accordance with the reconciliation calendar. Learn more in the PCard Hub.