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The Lifecycle of a PCard Transaction

Step 1: PCard Purchase is Made

PCards simplify the purchasing of most routine, low-cost goods and services. They can be used to obtain a wide range of products for your department.

 Step 2: Transaction Populates in Concur

Once a PCard purchase is made, it will feed into Concur two business days after it has posted to the U.S. Bank system.

Monthly U.S. Bank statement cycles are split into two Concur reports—one report for the first half of the cycle and one report for the second half. A transaction’s posting date dictates which statement report it is assigned to.

Concur statement reports are automatically created as transactions populate in the system, and cardholders receive weekly email summaries of their transactions.  

Step 3: Transaction is Reconciled

Once a transaction has posted to the Concur system, it can be reconciled in real-time by the cardholder or the appointed delegate(s).

Step 4: Statement Report is Submitted

Once a Concur statement report has been fully reconciled, it must be submitted for department approval. Only the cardholder can submit the statement report.

NOTE: Concur statement reports cannot be submitted until three days after the last day of the report period. This ensures all transactions have had time to feed into the Concur system.

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Step 5: Statement Report is Approved by Department

Once the Concur statement report is submitted, the department approver must review it. Approvers can easily select a transaction to see its associated documentation and receipt(s). If there is an error, the approver can send the report back to the cardholder for correction. 

Concur statement reports must be approved within 10 business days of the last day of the report period

NOTE: The department approver is the PCard supervisor listed on the cardholder’s PCard application. If a cardholder needs to update their PCard approver, contact the PCard administrator.

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Step 6: Statement Report is Routed for Additional Approval(s) & Then Reviewed by AP

Once department-level approval is received, the report will be routed to the next approval step in the approval workflow (approval requirements vary per expense type). After all necessary approvals have been received, Accounts Payable reviews and audits the PCard statement report. Once this final layer of approval is received, the statement report will be processed and charged to the indicated FAUs.