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Information for Vendors





Vendor Self-Service Website

The Corporate Accounting vendor self-service website allows vendors to check on the status of their invoices, track the status of payments and validate purchase order numbers. It also provides contact information so that vendors can resolve invoices that are on hold or have an incomplete (I) status.

Vendors can use this site to obtain information and answers for commonly asked payment questions, including:

  • Where is my payment?
  • What is this check for?
  • Is this a valid purchase order (PO)?
  • How do I get a replacement check?
  • How do I update my address?
  • Why were funds withheld from my payment?

If the vendor self-service website states that a check has been issued but you have not received the check for two weeks, you may submit a Stop Payment form to have a check reissued. For additional information, see How to Stop Payment & Cancel Checks in Related Information.


All vendors who do business with UCLA can register at the vendor self-service website at no cost. Click on the "Register" button to enter your information and set up an account and password.

In order to complete the registration process, your taxpayer identification number (TIN) must be on file with Accounts Payable. If you encounter registration difficulties, a TIN for your company may not exist in our system. In this case, please complete a W-9 form and send it to Accounts Payable so that we may update our records.

Information Needed for a UCLA Invoice

This article in Related Information provides a sample invoice as well as detailed descriptions of information required on an invoice that is sent to UCLA for payment.

Credit Card Payments (Payment Plus)

If your company accepts credit cards, Payment Plus is UCLA’s preferred method of issuing payments for suppliers who use Purchase Orders. UCLA has partnered with U.S. Bank and Visa to promote this virtual card (Payment Plus) to contribute to UCLA’s initiative of reducing paper checks and going green.

By enrolling in Payment Plus suppliers will benefit from:

  • Accelerated payment and improved cash flow
  • Reduced paperwork and streamlined accounts receivable process
  • Real-time notifications for each card payment
  • Complete remittance detail to support efficient receivables posting

To sign up for Payment Plus, please provide your name and phone number to

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

If your company is still receiving paper checks, you can significantly reduce delays (mailing time and depositing it with your financial institution) by registering for EFT payments. Please complete the EFT authorization form, and include it along with a copy of a voided check and your W-9. The remittance advice will be sent via email or fax.

The U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has asked that the University confirm that vendors, at the time that they request payment be made by EFT, disclose whether the EFT is to be made to:

  1. A financial institution outside the U.S., or
  2. A domestic financial institution participating in a "back-to-back" transaction with a foreign financial institution.

"Back-to-back" transactions entail a domestic financial institution immediately transferring the full deposit amount of an EFT to a foreign financial institution. Please see Notice to All Vendors Receiving Payment by EFT or ACH and the UC OFAC Compliance Form in Related Information for detailed guidelines.


If you have questions after checking the vendor self-service website, please contact us.