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Accounts Payable Service Standard

Turnaround Time Frames

UCLA Accounts Payable's service commitment for processing vendor invoices and most employee reimbursements is 10 business days from the date of receipt of items in our office. Please keep in mind the additional time it takes for campus mail (two to three days) and Records Management to stamp the documents (one day) before Accounts Payable (AP) receives the documents.

Standard vendor payment terms are "net 30" from the date of invoice. Net 30 indicates that payment is due in 30 calendar days. Campus departments are not able to adjust payment terms and should consider both standard vendor payment terms and AP processing time when planning departmental purchases.

Reimbursements for expenses that are not related to travel, entertainment or communication are exceptions to our normal procurement methods and subsequently may take longer to process.

Submitting Documents to Accounts Payable

All deliveries to Accounts Payable are sorted and stamped by Records Management. 

Checking Mail Processing Status

The Service Standard Dates site is updated daily to show the date Accounts Payable is currently processing (date refers to the receipt date in AP). Check the site for mail processing times. 

Faculty & Staff Purchases for the University

Our department’s goal is to support faculty and staff in accomplishing the University’s tripartite mission of research, teaching and service, and to avoid the inconvenience of any employee advancing their personal funds to procure goods or services on behalf of the University. Employees should generally only request reimbursement for travel, entertainment and certain communication expenditures.

The University provides an authorized procurement process, and UC policy requires that departments use approved procurement methods such as low-value orders, purchase orders and procurement cards. These authorized processes have sufficient controls and contractual language built into applications to protect the University and its employees when making University purchases.

If any faculty or staff member buys University goods or services with personal funds rather than using the University's approved procurement process (BruinBuy), the expenditures will be subject to greater scrutiny because of tax issues surrounding payments or reimbursements to individuals. All original receipts, business justification and any other documentation required to support a University purchase become the property of the University. If the original receipt does not show proof of payment, a copy of the individual’s credit card statement or other proof of payment may be required (redaction of credit card number is allowed).

In addition, if an employee uses personal funds to purchase goods or services that violate UC policy or that require Purchasing involvement (e.g., firearms, explosives or personal payment of a taxable service to an individual), reimbursement cannot be made.

For additional Accounts Payable guidelines regarding the purchase of goods and services for the University by faculty and staff, see Service Standard Dates. The Buying site provides complete information on approved procurement methods that have been established to protect the University and employees when making purchases for the campus.