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Accounts Payable Service Standard

Due to UCLA's January 2 transition to BruinBuy Plus, invoice processing has been delayed. 


Standard vendor payment terms are "net 30" from the date of submission to Accounts Payable, which indicates the payment is due in 30 calendar days. Campus departments are not able to adjust payment terms and should consider both standard vendor payment terms and AP processing time when planning departmental purchases. All invoices should be submitted to

Purchases made outside UCLA's procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus, (e.g., reimbursements, refunds) are purchasing exceptions and may take longer to process.

If an emergency payment situation arises, contact Accounts Payable for support. 

Current Processing Date

We're currently processing invoices that were submitted to Accounts Payable on:

February 7, 2024

service standard date last updated April 19, 2024