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Non-T&E Reimbursements


 Reimbursements are always a last resort after all other procurement methods (i.e., PO and PCard) have been considered. 

UCLA reimbursements are processed through the Concur system. Review the Lifecycle of a Non-T&E Reimbursement for the end-to-end non-T&E experience.

Certain expense types and amounts require pre-approval prior to being made as an out-of-pocket purchase. 

The exception request form streamlines this pre-approval requirement and should be submitted at least one week before the associated purchase is made. Review the How to Request an Exception training guide for additional information.

Exception requests will not be considered until all other procurement methods have been explored.

Did You Know?

Non-T&E reimbursements recently transitioned to the Concur system.

Concur Expansion: Non-T&E Info Session

Learn about the benefits of Concur and see a demo of the new process.


UCLA Finance Support Portal

View dozens of knowledge articles and submit non-T&E reimbursement inquiries. 



To ensure compliance with IRS rules, non-T&E reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days of the date the expense was incurred. Reimbursements submitted after 60 days will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

NOTE: Reimbursements older than 364 days cannot be processed through Concur and require exceptional approval from executive leadership.

All non-T&E reimbursements must have an original itemized receipt showing proof of payment (i.e., the amount paid and method of payment). If the receipt does not include this information, a secondary document is required. Preliminary documents, such as order and shipping confirmations, will not be accepted in lieu of purchase receipts.

Secondary document examples: 

•   Credit card statement copy with the account number blacked out
•   Copy of the canceled check

An employee or their delegate(s) can create a Concur expense report for an out-of-pocket expense. For privacy and security, employees must personally provision delegate access. Employees must also submit their own reports to certify what their delegate has prepared. 

Only a department delegate is authorized to submit a report on a guest’s behalf.

Partial reimbursements are not permitted. If a reimbursement is for a legitimate, substantiated purchase, it is expected that the entire cost should be covered by the University. 

If there is a valid business reason for a partial reimbursement, it may be approved under limited circumstances. To trigger an exceptional review, submit the partial reimbursement as normal through the Concur system. The non-T&E reimbursement team will then review the tax implications, business appropriateness, ownership, data security, etc. before making a final decision.  

Concur does not currently support wires. Submit a case for assistance

Review the How to Check the Status of a Reimbursement guide for additional information. 

Exception requests typically do not receive additional review unless the situation falls under extraordinary circumstances. Submit a case for assistance. 
Submit a case for assistance. 
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