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Electronic Invoicing


UCLA leverages Transcepta as its electronic invoicing submission platform, allowing vendors to directly submit their invoices to Accounts Payable (AP). Not only does this reduce processing times, but it also improves the overall vendor experience and increases transparency.

The best part? Electronic invoicing requires all the same information as paper invoices without the hassle of mailing copies. Use this page to learn more about this user-centered process.


How to Enroll

Transcepta registration is free and does not require technical enhancements or modified invoice formatting. It offers several secure online methods for vendors to send invoices including e-mail, virtual printer, EDI, and web entry. Transcepta even helps vendors choose which method works best for them and their needs! To get started, vendors simply need to access UCLA's Transcepta enrollment page.

NOTE: Transcepta enrollment is not complete until AP confirms the vendor's ID (i.e., Vendor Control Key (VCK)) is linked to their registration. Due to this, enrollment processing time may vary.

Enrollment Benefits

The benefits of electronic invoicing are far-reaching:

  • Faster turnaround
  • No cost to the vendors
  • Supports remote and hybrid operations
  • Volume dashboard allows for better AP triaging and load-balancing
  • Increased visibility of transactions for vendors and the University
  • No mail delays
  • Better detection of financial liabilities
  • Pre-validation of purchase order information at the time of submission
  • Eliminates paper, supporting the University’s commitment to sustainability
Invoices sent outside Transcepta (e.g., via mail or uploaded through the Departmental Invoice Submission site) require substantial manual handling and run the risk of significant delays.


  • Is there a Transcepta registration fee for vendors?
  • Transcepta is free for vendors.
  • Do all vendors need to enroll in Transcepta?
  • The following vendor types are ineligible for Transcepta enrollment: 

    •  Vendors for goods and services reviewed by UCLA Travel & Entertainment Accounting (e.g., catering, lodging, or air transportation vendors)

    •  Foreign and nonresident vendors

    •  Utility vendors​​​​​
    •  Federal/State agencies

    •  Subcontract and subaward vendors (e.g., G & S class orders)

    •  One-time payees (e.g., honorarium recipients, guest speakers, and human subjects)

    These vendors should send a PDF invoice to the department for submission to the AP portal.

  • Can foreign vendors send invoices through Transcepta?
  • Currently, foreign vendors are unable to electronically submit invoices via Transcepta. They should send PDF invoices to the department for submission to the AP portal.

  • What information is needed in electronic invoices?
  • Electronic invoices require the same information as paper invoices. You can find all the details on our Invoice Information page. 
  • I'm a new vendor. Is enrolling in Transcepta the only step I need to take? 
  • Welcome to UCLA! There are a few other items you need to check off your to-do list. Our New to UCLA page has everything you need to know about the vendor onboarding process.