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Departmental Buyer

Policy Summaries

Capital Equipment Financing Program
Conflict of Interest: SB 1467
Conflict of Interest: Employee Vendor
Executive Recruiting & Search Services
Gifts & Gratuities
How to Hire Independent Contractor, Consultant
Incentives and Rebates
Purchasing Conduct and Ethics
Strategic Sourcing Rebate Program


UCLA Subcontracts (PDF)
Subcontract Checklist (PDF)
Subcontract Closeout Certification (DOC)
Small Business Subcontracting Requirements
Small Business Subcontracting Plan & Reporting Checklist (DOC)
Small Business Solicitation Form
Grants vs Contracts (PDF)
Subrecipient vs Vendor Guidance (PDF)
Sample Requisition (PDF)

Procurement Card (Pcard)

User Guide (PDF)
UCLA Pcard Application (PDF)
UCOP Pcard Application (PDF)
Pcardholder Statement Dates (Yellow) (PDF)
Pcard Default FAU Hit Days (Blue) (PDF)