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How to Exchange or Return Procurement Card (PCard) Purchases

The PCardholder is responsible for making purchases according to guidelines in the UCLA Procurement Card User Guide.

If a PCard purchase must be exchanged or returned because the product does not meet your needs or arrives damaged, do the following:

  1. Contact the merchant.
  2. Have your receipt in front of you so that you can provide the transaction number, date of purchase, item description, and cost.
  3. Resolve any issues with the merchant. If the merchant allows you to return the item, you must follow the merchant’s instructions for doing so. Always remember to document all conversations with date, time, number and the person with whom you spoke.
  4. Be sure to have the merchant issue a credit to the PCard. This way, it will be passed from U.S. Bank to UCLA. If you receive your credit within the billing cycle, it will offset the charges.
  5. You are still required to reconcile the original charge in Concur. Once the credit posts, you will need to reconcile it using the FAU associated with the original charge (e.g., the debit).