AP Forms & Resources

Below are lists of the forms, resources and procedures associated with Accounts Payable. Clicking on a form title will open a printable copy of the selected item. Clicking on a resource or procedure title will direct you to a descriptive article on the chosen topic.


Accounts Payable Forms & Instructions
BruinBuy Change Orders
Creating Event-Related Expenses
Fiscal Close Procedures
Foreign Wire Transfers
Gift Card Policies & Instructions
H1-B Visa Processing (Immigration Fees) With Attorneys (PDF)
H1-B Visa Processing (Immigration Fees) Without Attorneys (PDF)
How to Reduce Payment Delays to Vendors & Employees
How to Stop Payment & Cancel Checks
Invoice Processing by Accounts Payable
Invoice & Purchase Order Troubleshooting
One Time Payee
Petty Cash Replenishment
Postage Guidelines
Releasing Encumbrances & Memo Liens


Request a Copy of Tax Form (PDF)
Request for Tax Form Correction (PDF)
590 Withholding Exemption Certificate (Fill-in Form) (PDF)
Check Request Form (Excel)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization (PDF)
Entertainment/Program/Exception Worksheet (PDF direct download; must open using adobe acrobat instead of browser)
Foreign Wire Transfer Request (PDF)
Gift Card Request Form Non-Employees (PDF)
Invoice Correction Notice (PDF)
Petty Cash Replenishment Request
Request for Stop Payment/ Cancellation of Vendor Check (PDF)
Sponsorship/Contribution Worksheet (PDF)
UC OFAC Compliance Form (PDF)
W-9 Form (PDF)