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How to Resolve Invoice & Purchase Order Line Mismatches

Follow the steps below when you see the hold reason code "PG" or the message "Lines on invoice do not match P.O. (purchase order)" on the Hold & Incomplete (H & I) invoice status report in BruinBuy. 

This process assumes knowledge of BruinBuy. Please refer to Chapter 15 of the BruinBuy User Guide for additional information on how to access the ORD screen and explanations of the information presented on these screens.

Go to the ORD screen in BruinBuy under "Queries" and compare the lines on the P.O. with the lines on the invoice. One or more of the lines on the invoice do not match the lines available on the P.O.

The mismatch can be resolved by taking one of the following actions:

  1. Creating a change order and adding new lines for the invoiced items.
  2. Obtaining a corrected invoice or a credit memo from the vendor.
    • The corrected invoice should be sent to the Accounts Payable representative who placed the invoice on Incomplete (I) status. (See How to Locate the Correct Accounts Payable Representative in Related Information.)
    • The corrected invoice/credit memo should reference the original P.O. number and the original debit invoice number.