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The Operational Improvement Initiative will quickly and significantly improve AP's performance in paying vendor's on a timely basis. 



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Better Service

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Faster Payments

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Less Uncertainty


Advisory Steering Committee

Procurement Advisory Steering Committee is comprised of faculty, school, and department representatives. It meets twice a month and helps ensure AP fulfills its commitment to better serve the Bruin community.

Its responsibilities include:

  • Advising on campus perspective regarding the effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency of current procurement policies, practices, and procedures.
  • Evaluating proposed changes and recommendations for policy, practice, and procedural improvements to balance risks and safeguard the organization's interests.
  • Actively participating in regular committee meetings as a representative of their organizations.
Executive Sponsor:Allison Baird-James,Interim Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer
Chair: Judson Caskey,Professor, Anderson School of Management
Rowena Barlow,Chief Financial Officer, Luskin School of Public Affairs
Si Un Cha,Chief Administrative Officer, Physics & Astronomy
Aki Fujii,Associate Dean & Chief Financial Officer, Business Office – Anderson School of Management
David Jaquez,Director, Research Admin, Luskin School of Public Affairs – Business Office
Angie Jun,Chief Financial Officer, Neurosurgery – David Geffen School of Medicine
Jeff Korerat,Chief Financial Officer, California NanoSystems Institute
Andrew F. Leuchter,Director of the Neuromodulation Division – David Geffen School of Medicine
Melynda Martin-Small,Senior Finance Operations Coordinator, HSSEAS – External Affairs
Anna Mokraiy,Associate Chief Financial Officer, Neurosurgery – David Geffen School of Medicine
Lionel Popkin,Professor, World Arts & Cultures – School of the Arts and Architecture
O.T. Wells,Chief Procurement Officer
Marlon Williams,Administrative Assistant, HSSEAS – Dean's Office
Oliver B Williams,R&D Engineer 4, Physics & Astronomy
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