Invoice Submission Lookup

  • February 24, 2022

Departments can now review recent invoice submissions on the UCLA Invoice Submission site

New Functionality

Transcepta remains UCLA's preferred method for vendor invoice submission; however, we recognize that departments may receive invoices directly from vendors which require upload to the UCLA Invoice Submission site. The site's new functionality allows you to: 

  • Verify an invoice has been submitted, 
  • Check an invoice's status (when available), and
  • View a copy of submitted materials. 
NOTE: The lookup feature only scans for invoices submitted through the UCLA Invoice Submission site. The most up-to-date and detailed information (e.g., payment status) can be found in BruinBuy.

How to Search for a Submitted Invoice

  1. On the UCLA Invoice Submission site, click on the Department Reports tab. 
  2. On the Department Reports page, use the dropdown menu to select Invoice or PO Number.
    Invoice Submission - Click on the Department Reports Tab
    To search by PO Number, you must enter at least the first four digits.
  3. Your results should now display. To see a copy of what was submitted, click View Invoice.
    Your results will display along with a link to what was submitted.


Helpful Information