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How to Stop Payment & Cancel Checks

Effective January 2, 2024, UCLA transitioned to its new procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus. This web page is actively being updated; however, it still references the legacy BruinBuy system and processes. Review the BruinBuy Plus hub for additional information and resources. 


Departments or vendors may request the cancellation of a check (check must be returned) or a stop payment of a check (physical check is not available). You may also request that a check be reissued at the time of the original stop payment or cancellation request.

Please follow the instructions listed below:

Cancel a Check

  • The physical check must be returned in order for it to be cancelled.
  • A check may be cancelled if it has not been cashed.
  • If a check is more than 180 days past the check issue date, it may also be cancelled.
  • Please indicate on the form if a reissued check is required.
  • Mail the original check and the completed form (see "Request for Stop Payment/Cancellation of Vendor Check" to the contact indicated below).

Stop Payment of a Check

You may submit a stop payment request if you do not have a physical check and one of the three conditions listed apply:

  1. Check was lost.
  2. Vendor never received the check.
  3. Check has not been cashed for more than 180 days since the check issue date.

If you are requesting that a check be reissued with the stop payment, please be aware that a second check cannot be reissued until the bank provides confirmation of processing the original stop-payment request. Please allow four business days to reissue a stop-payment check. Mail or fax the completed form "Request for Stop Payment and Cancellation of Vendor Check" to the address or fax number listed below.

NOTE: To verify that check cancellation or stop payment has gone through, follow the instructions below:
  1. Log on to BruinBuy, select "Queries" under the "Queries & Reports" Box. 
  2. Go to Order Payment Summary (OPS).
  3. Enter the order number (PO number), press Submit.
  4. Select the listed Check NBR (check number).
  5. The cancel date confirms the stop payment has gone through.