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ACTION NEEDED: BruinBuy Plus PO Approval Workflow “Pending” Status

Missing vendor email addresses are causing some requisitions and purchase orders (POs) to get caught in a “Pending” status within BruinBuy Plus.

What You Need to Know 

This issue is primarily associated with two scenarios:

  1. Requisitions are stuck in the Supplier does not Accept PO workflow step because the vendor opted out of accepting POs during their onboarding process. As a result, an email address did not flow into BruinBuy Plus.
  2. POs are stuck in the Invalid Distribution workflow step due to a missing email address in the vendor’s BruinBuy Plus profile.
  • Cause 1: Email address was not provided.
  • Cause 2: In support of the PO migration effort, the vendor’s profile may have been manually entered into BruinBuy Plus with no email.
REMINDER: BruinBuy Plus is unable to send POs to vendors if they do not have a valid email address in the system.

What You Need to Do

The Ascend 2.0 program team is working to resolve this issue; however, you can help expedite this process.

If you see your requisition or PO stuck in one of the above workflow steps and you have an active email address for the vendor, send the email address to

Vendor Management will update the vendor profile and release the order for processing.


  • For questions or issues related to BruinBuy Plus, visit the BruinBuy Plus hub.
  • In the event the BruinBuy Plus hub is unable to answer your questions, contact
  • For general Ascend 2.0 questions, reach out to the Ascend 2.0 Team. 


Ascend 2.0 Program Team