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BruinBuy Plus: January Changes & Enhancements

BruinBuy Plus launched one month ago, and we've been hard at work implementing your feedback! Check out our January changes & enhancements.



Adjusted rules and approvers for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) invoice steps

Added additional ship-to addresses

Routed Strategic Sourcing transactions over $100,000 to department supervisor
Loaded additional sub/object codes
Adjusted Covered Services workflow to have proper reviews prior to routing for executive approval 
Added attachments field to Direct Pay Form
Added pre-payment questions to Conferences, Catering, & Events Form
Updated invoice workflow to route invoices associated with legacy subaward/subcontract purchase orders for Principal Investigator (PI)/fund manager approval
Added required attachments to Purchase Request Form
Added new Maximo users
Created the Payment for Shipping Invoice tile for FedEx/UPS invoices
Added additional workflow approvers based on DACSS role updates
Loaded updated department list
Added Purchase Request rule to allow after-the-fact checking
Updated instructions on Purchase Request and Specialized Order forms
Enabled the use of a default remit address if the invoice’s remit is not in the system
Added Edit Pending Requests (My Form Request Approvals) to Approver role
Disabled Asset Management approvals in Purchase Request workflow

Changes (Bug Fixes)

Resolved the After-the-Fact Form only showing four (4) lines when nine (9) lines are selected
Fixed Specialized Order Form not sending to vendors when otherwise requested by user
Removed the Direct Pay Form's CRU questions when not relevant to honoraria
Fixed the invoice export to PAC not capitalizing the invoice number
Added Meeting Event Worksheet to Catering, Conferences, and Events Form
Fixed auto-return inadvertently being triggered for object code 5800
Removed ability for user to enter custom values into the Requires Receiving field
Resolved OASIS ID and System Source not resetting during change order creation
Resolved purchase orders (POs) getting stuck in PO Distribution workflow step
Resolved RAINN and Medline catalog error that prevented user access
Fixed Specialized Order Form so that it shows the correct number of lines
Fixed payment kickouts & encumbrances