VWR Terminates Agreement for Lab Supplies

Effective January 16, 2006, VWR terminated its agreement to supply the UC system with laboratory supplies and small equipment within the negotiated contract guidelines. VWR supplies are still available through BruinBuy as a non-contract supplier, however their products may not be cost-effective and this company is no longer a UC preferred supplier.

UCOP has completed negotiations with Fisher Scientific; this vendor has agreed to pricing within the UC's contract guidelines. Please use Fisher Scientific as your supplier of choice for this product category; they currently hold the sole contract remaining from the original bidding process, which took place in March 2005. Prices on individual items may vary between 30%-50% between Fisher and VWR.

Please note the following benefits of purchasing from Fisher Scientific:

  • UC manufacturer-direct contracts on most commonly-used items are only available from Fisher (BD, Discovery Labware, Brinkman, Corning, Kendro, Nalge Nunc, and Millipore)
  • Fisher offers a 30-day "hassle-free" return policy
  • Fisher offers dedicated account management and customer service teams

If you do find it necessary to consider VWR, please comparison shop within the BruinBuy catalogs. Also, remember to update your Favorites lists to point to Fisher items.