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OfficeMax Is New Vendor in BruinBuy

BruinBuy users who are accustomed to seeing the supplier name BCOP-webMethods, which represents Boise/Cascade, should look for the corporate name OfficeMax as a replacement starting October 17, 2005. UCLA established an agreement with OfficeMax, a Boise company, in August 2004 and added the company to the BruinBuy vendor list using the supplier name BCOP-webMethods. The upcoming name change to OfficeMax will not affect any of your settings or favorite items. When doing a search for office products within BruinBuy, enter “OfficeMax” as the supplier.

UCLA spends $6 million annually on office products. The original agreement was negotiated to achieve savings of 16% on office supply purchases. The Strategic Sourcing team held a product show at the Faculty Center and distributed more than 1,500 catalogs to UCLA customers. Many OfficeMax products are available directly through BruinBuy, but you can also place BruinBuy Special Requests for other items in their catalog.  Please note that some items, such as furniture, are restricted from purchase through the OfficeMax catalog on BruinBuy, as the office supplies bid was not a competitive bid for office furniture.

If you have any questions regarding this agreement or the process for ordering OfficeMax products through BruinBuy, please contact the Strategic Sourcing Commodity Manager. Contact OfficeMax Customer Service if you need information on their products.