Proposed Amendment to Competitive Bidding Requirements

California Senate Bill 959 (SB 959) would amend the Public Contract Code in various ways that impact UC suppliers in categories such as: 

  • Custodial Services
  • Security Services
  • Food Services
  • Landscaping/Groundskeeping Services
  • Building Maintenance
  • Transportation & Parking Services
  • More

If passed and signed into law, SB 959 would become effective January 1, 2018, after full implementation of the UC Fair Work / Fair Wage initiative.

The legislation would require bidders on UC business to propose rates that would be substantially equal to the total compensation (including salary and benefits) of the UC staff performing similar functions at another location. UC bidders would be required to disclose information as required by the Public Records Act at the time of the bid and going forward, as well as provide audited financial statements and monthly certified payroll. The legislation would apply competitive bid requirements at the time of each contract extension valued at $100K or more annually, not just for initial bids of $100K or more annually.