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Office Depot Via Supplier Site Orders

OfficeMax and Office Depot are now one company. OfficeMax is no longer available in BruinBuy Catalog Orders. 

If you use BruinBuy, please be aware of this important change. Unlike the OfficeMax catalog that was accessed via Catalog Orders, the Office Depot catalog is accessed via Supplier Site Orders. As a result, you will be shopping directly on a UCLA version of the Office Depot website.

Benefits of Office Depot via Supplier Site Orders (SSO)

  • Direct access to Office Depot’s business services website
  • Minimize/eliminate price mismatches between PO and Invoice
  • Real-time cross-reference of OfficeMax part numbers to Office Depot part numbers
  • Real-time inventory check at local warehouse
  • Discontinued items are removed immediately
  • Date-related items, such as calendars, are available in a timely manner
  • Office Depot SSO pricing is synchronized daily with the Office Depot consumer website to ensure that the lowest Office Depot pricing is offered

Getting Started

Office Depot Supplier Site Order (SSO) Training Video (Chrome or Firefox browsers recommended)
Office Depot Supplier Site User Guide

Note: Your Favorite Items in BruinBuy will not be automatically added to the SSO Office Depot website. You can manually create a Shopping List containing your Favorite Items, on the SSO Office Depot website.


Recommended Browsers

For optimal ordering workflow, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and disable the pop-up blocker. Select "Always Allow" or similar option.


  • Trent Bernard Larson - Public Sector Vertical Market Manager, Office Depot, Inc.
  • Email:; Phone: (310) 962-8554
  • Patricia (PJ) Ortiz Considine - Sales Consultant, Office Depot, Inc.
    Email:; Phone (408) 315-4843
  • Office Depot Customer Service: (888) 777-4044
    UCLA account number: 90240294
    Tips for working with Office Depot Customer Service: Be prepared to provide Deliver To/Ship To ID and PO number, including the last two zeroes, and/or have the Office Depot order confirmation number available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I cancel an order?
  • 1. Contact Office Depot Customer Service at (888) 777-4044 to verbally cancel the order if cancelling in the same business day. (UCLA Account Number: 90240294)

    2. Upon order cancellation, go to BruinBuy > My Orders or All Orders page to Cancel the related purchase order

    3. If the order cannot be cancelled because the delivery is in progress, you may refuse shipment upon delivery. In this case, you don’t take any action in BruinBuy

  • How do I process a return?
    1. Contact Office Depot Customer Service at (888) 777-4044 for the return authorization. (UCLA Account Number: 90240294)
    2. Supplier will issue a credit memo and UCLA Accounts Payable will process it upon receipt. You don’t need to take action in BruinBuy
  • Who do I contact regarding Office Depot past due invoices and/or invoices placed on H&I status?
  • Contact UCLA Accounts Payable at (310) 794-0197 and provide the original PO number.

  • How do I close a Purchase Order (PO) if I've cancelled the order?
  • 1. In BruinBuy, go to the My Orders or All Orders page to retrieve the purchase order. Upon retrieval, select the bubble to the left of the “Order Num” and click on the “Cancel” icon to close the order. Please confirm with the vendor that the order has been cancelled before you close the PO.

    2. If you have received your cancelled order and plan to keep the item, but you have already closed the PO in BruinBuy, you need to create an A-class PO for the amount of the invoice. Do not create another catalog order to pay for an existing order because this will generate an additional shipment.

    3. If you are still having trouble closing the order or you are receiving an error message, please contact the BruinBuy Help Desk at For accurate/expedient assessments, you must include a screenshot of the error message.

  • Do I need to send hard copy invoices to Accounts Payable?
  • No. All Office Depot invoices are received by UCLA Accounts Payable electronically. The credit invoices/memo are received electronically between 2-5 business days, after the time of your return request.

  • I am having trouble generating an A-class Purchase Order. Can I use a Low-Value Purchase Order (N-class) to pay?
  • No. N-class orders are not to be used to pay for Office Depot invoices nor place orders with. We have a Campus Agreement with Office Depot for creating A-class orders.

    If you need help with creating an A-class purchase order or you are receiving an error message, please contact BruinBuy Help Desk at For accurate/expedient assessments, you must include a screenshot of the error message.

    For self-help, go to BruinBuy > BruinBuy How To Documents > Purchase Orders - Create A-Class PO with Base Agreements.