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Payment Plus

Since 2010, UCLA Campus Purchasing & Payables has utilized a virtual credit card method of electronic payment for select supplier payments called Payment Plus. Working with U.S. Bank, one of the UC’s key banks and provider of credit card programs, UCLA will use this platform to assist in the transition from Electronic Fund Transfers and check payments to credit card payments, enhancing efficiency and security with B2B payments.

U.S. Bank will reach out to our current supplier base to facilitate their transition from our current payment methods to this network. During this process, if suppliers have questions about Payment Plus, they should contact  U.S. Bank also is available at (800) 275-1379 or by email at

UCLA is taking a proactive approach to protect the banking information of our suppliers to reduce the risk of fraud from supplier impersonation with electronic funds transfer and check payments. Recently, Higher Education institutions have been the targets of fraudulent activities that have resulted in large losses.

Payment Plus will provide the following benefits to UCLA’s vendors in the Payment Plus network:

  1. Maintain and process supplier enrollments from paper check and electronic fund transfers to virtual credit card payments
  2. Eliminate the need for UCLA to hold supplier banking information
  3. Increase payment efficiency

Payment Plus will provide the supplier with:

  1. A portal that is dedicated to their payment questions, data reporting capabilities, and payment history
  2. Detailed remittance data
  3. Payment security with the vendor not having to provide their banking information to UCLA

We are excited to be able to provide an enhanced electronic payment experience to our suppliers in a secure and efficient manner.