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Checklist for Hiring an Independent Contractor, Consultant

To comply with the laws, policies and procedures noted above, Campus Purchasing can only issue a Purchase Order (P.O.) and/or agreement to a consultant or contractor when the following documents are received in a complete package: 

Document Purpose
Independent Contractor Pre-Hire Worksheet (PDF) Determines the type of working relationship between the employer and the individual.
Independent Contractor/Consultant Form Provides detailed scope of work, other quotes, CV or resume for key individual(s).
Detailed scope of work for competitive bid, competing proposals or Sole-Source Justification (if applicable) (PDF)  |  Instructions  |  FAQs To meet key requirements regarding competition, price reasonableness and funding.
General Liability Insurance (PDF) Proof of adequate insurance is required. A waiver may be requested under certain circumstances.
Conflict of Interest Form (PDF) If applicable. Discloses a potential conflict of interest that must be reviewed.
After-the-Fact Justification Form (DOC) Applicable if work takes place before authorized to determine if payment can be made.
Other Considerations Purpose
Small Business Solicitation Form (DOC) Use for all purchase orders greater than $100K issued under federal prime contract.
HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Specifies safeguards a contractor must observe for protected health information.
Nondisclosure Agreement If contractor has access to personal or confidential information.
IRB or ARC Approval Institutional Review Board or Animal Research Committee approval.
Foreign Income Statement for Non-U.S. Resident For non-U.S. residents when working in their own country.
GLACIER Record A secure, web-based nonresident alien tax-compliance system for immigrant and tax data.
Criminal Background Check Information on criminal convictions, if any.
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Security standards data for credit card processing.
Filming on Campus For film companies and photographers interested in UCLA as a location.