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Purchasing Conduct & Ethics

UCLA Campus Purchasing practices and promotes fair and ethical business practices while acting in the best interest of the University of California and the people of the State of California. This includes upholding a strict code of ethics in our daily business.

The Purchasing Code of Conduct and Ethics applies to you if you are a Departmental Buyer using delegated Low Value Order (LVO) authority to purchase goods and services for UCLA or you are doing the preliminary work on a purchase that will go to Campus Purchasing as a requisition.

Purchasing Code of Ethics

  • First, give consideration to UCLA's mission and policies.
  • Obtain maximum value for each dollar spent.
  • Decline personal favors, gifts, and gratuities. Grant all competitive suppliers fair and equal consideration.
  • Conduct business with potential and current suppliers in an atmosphere of good faith.
  • Demand honesty in sales representation.
  • Receive consent from the originator for the use of proprietary ideas and designs.
  • Make a reasonable effort to obtain equitable settlement of any controversy with a supplier.
  • Accord a prompt and courteous response to all who call on legitimate business.
  • Create an environment of fair, ethical, and legal business practices.
  • Protect the University's interest by ensuring that suppliers honor all terms of their contracts.


UCOP (the Office of the President) ensures that the University policy on ethics is circulated to all campuses.

Departments must make this policy available to all business officers and staff who have authority to conduct business on behalf of the University.

The Purchasing Department’s responsibility is to promote fair and ethical business practices and provide assistance in support of the policy.