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Strategic Sourcing

The Strategic Sourcing group within Campus Purchasing uses a process that's designed to improve service and quality while reducing the total cost of procuring goods and services. The University’s high purchase volume and its profile as a prominent customer to fewer suppliers help drive lower prices and better value. Nearly all Strategic Sourcing contracts are systemwide — for all UC campuses to use.

Departments Benefit 

Departments can realize savings and get more for their money by using campus Strategic Sourcing contracts when purchasing. Staff and faculty can learn about the products and services of suppliers with Strategic Sourcing contracts by attending an annual trade fair in March.

Any exceptions to Strategic Sourcing contracts should be discussed with the director of Campus Purchasing.

Program Funded by Rebates

The Strategic Sourcing group does not receive state funding and does not recharge the campus for its services. Strategic Sourcing collects a rebate from contracted suppliers to cover its costs in saving the University money. The Strategic Sourcing Rebate Program, also called a patronage incentive, supports the University's Strategic Sourcing program.