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Acquiring Transferred Inventorial Equipment

A paper Equipment Inventory Modification Form (EIMR) is required if UCLA is acquiring equipment from another campus, institution, or federal agency.

What to do How to do it 

1. Complete the paper Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR). (See your equipment custodian.)

  1. Check the "TRANSFER" box in the Transaction Type section of the EIMR.
  2. Complete the FROM and TO sections, and the Equipment Identification section.
  3. Make sure that you have included the serial number on the EIMR.
  4. Have the EIMR signed by the transferring and accepting parties. Authority required is generally the department head or, for high-value transfers, the CAO or CFO.
  5. If you are transferring contract-related or government-furnished equipment (GFE), contact the Contract and Grants department to ensure compliance.
  6. Intercampus transfers require interface between the departments, Equipment Management, Contract and Grants (if applicable) and Accounting.
2. Send the EIMR to Managing Equipment.

Send the original and a duplicate copy of the EIMR to Equipment Management to the Wilshire Center, Suite 500.

3. Receive and affix the property number tags.

If the transfer is from an outside agency:

  1. Equipment Management will create asset number tags and forward them to you, along with a document that lists the equipment information and an attached asset tag. This form is called a mailer.
  2. Affix the tags by placing them on the front surface of the equipment. If the equipment has been transferred from another department or UC campus, it will already have tags affixed to it.
  3. Follow the instructions on the tag mailer.  
4. Confirm that the equipment has been added to your inventory.

Check the Asset Management System (AMS) to confirm that the equipment asset record has been added to your inventory.