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Adding Donated Equipment to Inventory

If you receive inventorial equipment as a gift, it must be accepted by External Affairs Gift Services for processing before it can be added to UCLA’s inventory. 

Steps to Take

  1. Obtain and complete a Regents Gift Transmittal Form package from the External Affairs Gift Services department. This form includes documentation about the gift and the donor.
  2. Submit the completed form to Gift Services as a gift-in-kind.
  3. Gift Services will process the request and accept or reject the gift.
  4. If Gift Services accepts the gift, it will route the package to the Equipment Management department to process and create an asset tag for the gift.
  5. Equipment Management will send you a document called a mailer, which includes the gift transmittal documentation, the donor’s documentation and asset tags.  Follow the instructions on the mailer.
  6. Affix the property tags to the front of the equipment.
  7. Confirm that the equipment has been added to your inventory by checking the Asset Management System (AMS).