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Disposing of Inventorial Equipment

Guidelines for Equipment Disposal

Your department may dispose of surplus equipment only if the University holds title to the equipment. When you dispose of University-owned equipment, you must remove the asset record from the UCLA Asset Management System (AMS) and complete the appropriate transaction during the same fiscal year in which the disposal occurred.


You may transfer excess or surplus equipment to another UCLA department or UC campus. Serial numbers are required to transfer equipment. 
  • For interdepartmental transfers, complete a transfer transaction in the Asset Management System (AMS) to the receiving custody code.
  • For intercampus transfers, complete an intercampus transfer disposal transaction in AMS with all of the required information.  

Trade In

You may trade in equipment on a new purchase made using the purchase order process:
  • List the asset tag number of the equipment to be traded in on the purchase order and the amount of the credit to be received or a zero credit amount. 
  • Process a disposal transaction in AMS to remove the equipment from your department’s inventory and list the purchase order number as a reference.

Destroy, Discard or Cannibalize

You may destroy, discard or cannibalize equipment if items are University-titled.
  • Complete a destroyed/dismantled disposal transaction in AMS to remove the equipment. 
  • Report the date on which the equipment was destroyed, discarded or cannibalized as well as all required information. Agency-titled equipment must have the sponsor’s approval prior to any disposition action.


You may sell University-titled equipment. To do so:

  • Create a bill of sale for tax purposes. Sales tax will be charged on equipment sales at the current California sales tax rate. Alternately, complete the resale license tax ID information to exclude sales tax. 
  • Sign and date the bill of sale form, gather a copy of the deposit information, a check copy, and sales tax information.  Please not all sales documents will be uploaded with sold disposal transaction in AMS.
  • Complete a sold disposal transaction in AMS listing the required information such as date and sales information. Attach all sales documentation to the transaction. 

Note:  High-value equipment items may require additional review with other UC campuses prior to sale. Equipment sales of $50,000.00 or greater requires UC campus review prior to publicly selling equipment as surplus property through Dollar Saver.

Lost or Stolen Equipment

Equipment may be considered disposed of if items are lost or stolen. Complete a lost or stolen disposal transaction in AMS indicating that the equipment was lost or stolen. Stolen reports require a stolen police report number and brief explanation.

Miscellaneous Disposals

Complete a miscellaneous disposal transaction in AMS for all disposals that do not fit into any of the other methods listed above. A complete explanation is required for these disposal transactions to be approved.

Agency-Titled Equipment

  • Your department may not dispose of equipment that is agency titled and owned by the federal government. Disposal of agency property requires the sponsor's approval first, before any other action is taken. 
  • Agency-titled equipment has two tags. Review the property record in AMS to see whether the title status is University or Agency. If the property record title is agency, contact the Property Administrator for instructions on how to proceed with the disposition change.