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PO Checklist

Pilot Program

Our new PO Checklist is your first step to a more streamlined purchasing experience. Use this page to learn how you can leverage and provide feedback on version 1.0 of the tool.


The Procurement landscape is constantly shifting, making it difficult to know how to successfully submit a purchase order (PO) at any given time. Our PO Checklist is your dynamic guide to understanding your purchase's requisition requirements, from documentation to next steps and support channels.

This tool is a pilot and may not be all-encompassing. If you notice missing questions/answer options or have any suggestions, use our feedback form.

How It Works

Prior to submitting your PO:

  1. Log into the PO Checklist via SSO.
  2. Select Continue on the DocuSign "Please Review & Act on These Documents" prompt.
  3. Your name and department information will auto-populate the checklist header.
  4. Respond to the questions as they appear.
  5. As you answer each question, a summary of the next steps will display on the right side of the document – scroll to the Purchase Order Instructions section (page 2) for a complete explanation. 
  6. Once you have answered all visible questions, select Finish at the top of the screen. 
  7. A PDF of your answers and the purchase order instructions will be emailed to you. 
The PO Checklist does not apply to travel and entertainment. 

Question Breakdown

The PO Checklist questions appear based upon the answers you provide – it hides the sections that are not relevant to your purchase. Interested in seeing all possible questions? Look no further! Expand each section to see the answer options.

After the Fact

  • Have you already placed your order?
  • Answer options: Yes, I placed an order without delegated purchasing authority or No

Vendor Information 

  • Is the vendor already setup in BruinBuy?
  • Answer options: Yes or No
  • Is the vendor you are looking to do business with domestic or foreign?
  • Answer options: Domestic or Foreign
  • Is the vendor setup for hosted catalog/supplier site orders in BruinBuy?
  • Answer options: Yes or No
  • Is your vendor on the campus-wide Vendor Agreement List?
  • Resource: Vendor Agreement List
    Answer options: Yes or No

Purchase Details

  • What are you looking to purchase?
  • Answer options: Goods, Services, or I have already placed an order
  • IF PURCHASING GOODS: What type of good are you looking to purchase?
  • Answer options:

    •  Equipment

    •  Drones

    •  Events/Catering

    •  Export Control

    •  Hotels

    •  Lasers

    •  Radioactive Materials

    •  Other

  • IF PURCHASING EQUIPMENT: What type of equipment are you looking to purchase?
  • Answer options: Capital Equipment, Lease Equipment, or Maintenance Service Agreements for Equipment
  • IF PURCHASING SERVICES: Where will the services take place? 
  • Answer options: Inside California, Outside California, Inside the U.S., or Outside the U.S.
  • IF PURCHASING SERVICES: What type of service are you looking to purchase?
  • Answer options:

    •  Consulting Agreements

    •  Research Agreements

    •  Software, Software Licensing, and Subscription Agreements

    • Memorandum of Understanding

    • Performance Agreements

  • IF PURCHASING SOFTWARE: Where are you located?
  • Answer options: Non-Mednet or Mednet

Cost of Purchase

  • What is the total value of your transaction?
  • Answer options: 

    •  $0 - $5,000

    •  $5,000.01 - $9,999.99

    •  $10,000 - $99,999.99

    •  $100,000.00 - $250,000.00

    •  $250,000.01 - $749,999.99

    •  Greater than $750,000

  • Are you using Non-Federal or Federal funds?

  • Answer options: Non-Federal or Federal

Have a checklist feedback? Submit it!