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How to Order Drinking Water & Equipment

How to order drinking water & equipment

Follow the steps below to order drinking water and equipment, place an order if out of water, need a service request to cancel service.

Task Steps
1.  Open an Account with Bluetriton

If you wish to open a new account with Bluetriton, email Louis Lopez or Craig Dickerson

Once you have an active account, you may proceed to the next steps.

2. Choose the type of water equipment needed and determine the water supply requirements.

Estimate the cost for services based on a 12 to 24-month period.

ReadyRefresh Price List May 1, 2023 - April 30, 2024

3. Submit an order with a PCard 
  1. Follow these instructions
  2. To get started, go to Bottled Water & Beverage Delivery Service | ReadyRefresh
  3. Need help? Contact the VIP Service Center: (844) 855-4596 or email
    Important:  Submit an order with a Purchase Order or submit an online order with a PCard.  Please do not do both.  The online ordering system only accepts Pcard transactions. If you are switching from a PO to a PCard or paying for outstanding PO invoices with a PCard, please remember to cancel the PO in BruinBuy Plus and with Bluetriton.

    Need a PCard? Tap on the following link:
4. Submit an order with a Purchase Order Number only if a PCard is not available

Please include the following information on the PO and Department Customer Profile:

  • Department name and account number (from the “UCLA Active Accounts” below).
  • Department contact name.
  • Email address, phone number.
  • Delivery location, including the room/suite number.
  • Water bottle description (5 gallon or 3 gallon)
  • Equipment dispenser type.
  • Number of water bottles for each delivery
NOTE: All invoices will be sent electronically to Accounts Payable.

3. Email the PO to Ready Refresh Account Manager, Louis Lopez at

Important: Update PO as needed with enough funds to cover future purchases, or extend expiry date to avoid interrupted delivery of water.

5. Placing an order if you are out of water, a service request or canceling water delivery service.

  1. Contact Ready Refresh at (844) 855-4596 or email to
  2. Provide Ready Refresh with:
  •  Account Number
  • Original A-class PO
  • If cancelling, effective date of termination
  • Any specific information needed
  • A complete list of the inventory that remains on your site

  3.  If cancelling, request the following items from Ready Refresh:

  • Acknowledgement that includes the service termination date.