Drinking Water & Equipment

Follow the steps below to order drinking water and equipment, or to cancel service.

Task Steps

1. Choose the type of water equipment needed and determine the water supply requirements.

Estimate the cost for services based on a 12- to 24-month period. Use an average of previous purchases to determine the amount to order.

Determine the type(s) of water your department will require. Refer to the price list for information on available products. The Arrowhead Water website (www.arrowheadwater.com) has information on equipment models. 

2. Create and place the order.


  1. Develop an A-class PO in BruinBuy against the Agreement 0000KTA006 to cover a 12- to 24-month period.
  2. Print and complete the Department Customer Profile form.

    Include the following requirements on the A-class PO and Department Customer Profile:

    • Department name and account number (from the Conversion Schedule).
    • Department contact name.
    • Email address, phone and fax number.
    • Delivery location, including the room/suite number.
    • Water bottle description (5 gallon, etc.).
    • Equipment dispenser type.
    • Number of water bottles for each delivery (see Nestle UC Drinking Water Price List).
    • Delivery date, frequency, receiving contact and special requirements.
    • Period of performance duration.
    • Add a comment line to request delivery acknowledgement from the vendor confirming all of the above requirements.
    • Billing frequency (per delivery or monthly).

    Note that all invoices will go directly to Accounts Payable according to the delivery terms.

  3. Email the printouts of the Department Customer Profile and A-class PO to Arrowhead Account Service Representative, Alisha Gantzer at Alisha.Gantzer@Waters.Nestle.com.
3. Canceling water delivery service.
  1. Contact Arrowhead at (310) 327-4044, ext. 600 to terminate service.
  2. Provide Arrowhead with:
    • Account number.
    • Original A-class PO number.
    • Effective date of termination.
    • A complete list of the inventory that remains on your site (quantity and size of bottles, how many are empty, the equipment type and number of crates.
  3. Request the following items from Arrowhead:
    • Acknowledgement that includes the service termination date.
    • Account reconciliation confirming that payments are up to date.
  4. Arrowhead will pick up its inventory from your site.