How to Order Commercial Printing

The following instructions apply to commercial printing orders in general. See the individual vendor sites (links available through the Vendor Agreements List) for the specialized services offered by each supplier.


1.   Select the vendor.

Locate Printing Services, Copying Services or Book Manufacturing on the Vendor Agreements List.

To search the Agreements List, click one of the headings: Commodity or Vendor. The list will sort by the selected heading.

Click on the agreement number for the selected vendor to review the agreement details, including contact information for the supplier and the UCLA buyer who is responsible for the agreement.

If you are using a vendor who is not on the Agreements List, you must submit a Sole-Source Request form to Campus Purchasing.

2.  Get a price quote.Contact the vendor to describe the scope of work and request a written quote.
3.  Place the order. 

Create a BruinBuy special request or an A-class order release against the agreement for the commercial printer you’ve selected.