How to Order Furniture

The following process applies to all types of furniture purchased for UCLA. 



1.  Select the furniture you will order.

Some furniture items are available in BruinBuy. If you don’t find what you need in the BruinBuy system, contact a vendor from the Agreements List for other types of furniture. See Considerations When Buying Office Furniture for more information.

Discuss with the representative services that the company can provide, including design consultation, space planning, product selection, moving and installation. Check the timetable and lead times overview to estimate how long this step will take.

2.  Get a quote.


Once you have selected your furniture, get a price quote from the vendor, which should include all charges (design, delivery, installation, etc.).

See Furniture Quotes for detailed information on the various types of quotes available from vendors.

3.  Place the order.

Create an A-class order in BruinBuy using the agreement number provided for the vendor you select (from the Vendor Agreements List).

Note: If the order amount is greater than the maximum allowed for the buying method you are using, create an R-class order and submit it to Campus Purchasing.

4.  Prepare for furniture delivery.

Set a delivery date with the vendor. As the delivery date nears, prepare your workspace by clearing old desktops, bookshelves, drawers of files and other paperwork, desktop accessories and personal effects.