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Purchasing Software

UCLA has set up agreements with suppliers on and off campus for the purchase of  software.

Off-the-Shelf Software

Off-the-shelf software, also known as "shrink-wrapped" or "canned" software, refers to prepackaged software applications that have not been customized. This term can also refer to commercial software that is delivered by electronic download.


When you open a package of off-the-shelf software, you normally agree to the terms of the license included with the software. Alternately, the software may ask you to agree to license terms upon installation (this is called a "click license"). The University has master license agreements with many vendors, which supersede the shrink-wrap or online click license. Each copy of software used at UCLA must be covered by a license agreement unless it qualifies as an exception.

Where to Buy

Off-the-shelf software (from Microsoft, IBM, Symantec, Adobe and others) is available from these on-campus vendors:

  • Software Central, part of Academic Technology Services (ATS), administers bulk purchases of software licenses from many software publishers. Software is available via download. ATS Software Central is able to accept only UCLA FAUs (full accounting units) as payment.

The Software Central website (see related link) provides a product list and a list of University software agreements. You must access the order form through the product list. Call or email Software Central if you're interested in software that is not listed.

  • UCLA Computer Store has a list of software titles at academic pricing. Click the Continue button from the Computer Store welcome page to access a list of available manufacturers. (ASUCLA is primarily for student purchases.)

Accepted payment methods for these vendors are low-value order (LVO), Pcard and BruinBuy.

All software must be licensed for use. The ownership and terms of use for software must be clearly defined. For more information on software licensing and copyright law as it applies to UCLA, visit the Software Central site and click on the "Software Licensing Resources" links.

From the Software Central site, click the "Software Newsbrief" link for information on presentations and conferences on campus related to the use of specific software.

Custom Software

If you need to customize existing software or create a new applications, see the related article. Contact Campus Purchasing for help in finding a programmer.