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University Vehicles

Campus Purchasing works with UCLA Fleet Services to establish and maintain vendor relationships, which allow competitive vehicle pricing. Campus Purchasing can provide discounted prices based on contracts that have been developed through several sources. However, leasing may be the best option if your department does not have sufficient funds to purchase a vehicle.


Campus Purchasing Assistance

Campus Purchasing will help you with:

  • Purchases of vehicles that require a license to operate (such as cars, buses, vans, motorcycles or emergency vehicles).
  • Leasing of vehicles.
  • Purchase of any vessel with a motor.

Available vehicle types include: cars, vans, shuttles, buses, motorcycles, emergency vehicles, police-equipped vehicles and electric cars.

Note: All University vehicles and vessels with motors must be registered with UCLA Fleet Services.

UCLA Fleet Services Programs

Fleet Services offers several programs for vehicle acquisition. They include:

  • Monthly Leased Vehicle Program (MLVP)
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program (AFVP)
  • Global Electric Motor (GEM) Donation Program
  • Executive Lease Program
  • Vehicle Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Vehicle/Vessel Donation

See the UCLA Transportation article on acquisition services for more information. UCLA Fleet Services also maintains a staff of mechanics to prep and service University vehicles, and retains records on each vehicle's history and depreciation.

Purchasing a Vehicle

You will have the opportunity to select your vehicle specifications to design one that meets your requirements. Follow the procedure below. For information on vehicle use restrictions for the University, including who can purchase and use University vehicles, see BUS-8 and BUS-46.


Task Steps
1.  Design your vehicle online. Go to the UCLA Transportation article, Acquisition Services, and complete a Vehicle Justification Form.
2.  Work with UCLA Fleet Services. Fleet Services will contact your department to follow up on your order.
3.  Vehicle is ordered.

Fleet Services will contact Campus Purchasing to make all necessary arrangements for the purchase of your vehicle.

Campus Purchasing will issue a purchase order (PO) on behalf of Fleet Services to pay for the vehicle. The PO will be set up using the UCLA Fleet Services department code. You can opt to provide your department code or not.

If you are leasing the vehicle, Fleet Services' department code is generally used. If you are unsure of your department code, refer to the complete list or obtain it from the person in your department who is responsible for financial management.

4.  Receive the vehicle. Fleet Services will register your vehicle, acquire license plates, process all necessary paperwork and prep the vehicle to ensure compliance with University safety standards once it is received and will contact you once it is ready to be picked up.

Fleet Services represents the campus in all dealings with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). See BUS-19, Registration and Licensing of University-Owned Vehicles if you would like further information. Fleet Services will also place the vehicle into the campus inventory system to maintain its history.

Once you receive the vehicle, your department transfers the payment to UCLA Fleet Services using an internal recharge process.

Leasing a Vehicle

UCLA Fleet Services uses working capital to acquire leased vehicles through the Monthly Lease Vehicle Program (MLVP) for long-term use by departments that decide not to use departmental funds to purchase a vehicle. As with vehicle purchases, UCLA Fleet Services works with the department to define the vehicle requirements based on intended use.