BruinBuy Order-Class Codes

BruinBuy order-class codes are a subset of the available order-class codes for business units to use in the BruinBuy system to procure goods or services.  For more information on BruinBuy, including training and authorization, see the related article.

The order-class codes below are available to departmental buyers under UCLA Policy 740, Purchasing Goods and Services.


ClassDescriptionIssued By
A Campus Departments
 Campus Departments 
 Campus Departments 
IBruinBuy supplier site ordersCampus Departments
J Campus Departments
 Campus Departments 
 Campus Departments 
Procurement CardCampus Departments 
Requisition with encumbranceCampus Departments 
TTravelCampus Departments
UBruinBuy catalog non-contract ordersCampus Departments
VPAC low-value order ($2,500 limit) — ClosedCampus Departments
XSpecial itemsCampus Departments
BBase restricted blanketsPurchasing
CConsultant agreementsPurchasing
HLong-term lease/rental/purchase (one year or more)Purchasing
KSystemwide or campuswide agreementsPurchasing
PPurchase ordersPurchasing
 Facilities & Business Finance Departments 
LRental of real estate enterprisesBusiness Finance/ Real Estate
ZBrief forms, short forms, CA&E contracts & facilitiesCapital Programs