BruinBuy Special Requests

Special Requests in BruinBuy are a way to use BruinBuy to order goods and services that are not in the BruinBuy catalog.  You can search for vendors who are not part of the BruinBuy catalog within BruinBuy if they have previously done business with UCLA and have been set up within BruinBuy.  For more information on setting up vendor information within BruinBuy, see the User Guide.

This article assumes that you have completed training in BruinBuy and are authorized to make purchases through this system.  For detailed online refresher training, including processing Special Requests, select the BruinBuy Online Training link (available through the BruinBuy Training article).



Process a Special Request

  1. Create a new requisition in BruinBuy.
  2. Select the Special Request tab at the top of the requisition screen.
  3. Fill out the Special Request form.  You can make your request by supplier name, part number, item name, manufacturer, or any other piece of identifying information.
    Once you have entered and saved all item information, enter the Full Accounting Unit (FAU) information.
  4. Save and checkout as usual.
  5. Submit the request.
  6. Fax your order to the vendor.  (These orders are not sent electronically, as are catalog orders.)