How BruinBuy and PAC Relate

BruinBuy and PAC are Different

BruinBuy and PAC are two separate systems at UCLA:

  • BruinBuy provides the graphical user interface (GUI), or online screens, that allow users to view product information and create purchase requisitions as well as catalog and Special Request orders. 
  • PAC stands for the Purchasing and Accounts Payable system, which is the back-end system that performs transaction and payment processing for BruinBuy.  Note that this definition of PAC is only true with regard to BruinBuy; for detailed information on the PAC system, see the PAC User Guide.

In other words, BruinBuy is where the user enters the orders, and validation is processed in PAC.

Each morning, PAC receives updated balances from the UCLA General Ledger system. When an order or requisition is created within BruinBuy, the PAC system performs financial validation.

Authorization for Use

You must be trained and authorized to use BruinBuy. The BruinBuy class and in the online refresher course are available through Campus Human Resources.  Prior to training, you must obtain an OASIS logon.  See the related article for more information.