Order-Class Code A


Order Class Use How to Process
ABlanket Orders & Release Orders

A-class orders are releases against campuswide (K-class) or departmental (B-class) blanket agreements, or purchase contracts that Campus Purchasing has established with suppliers. They contain discount pricing, terms and conditions, and service standards that have been reviewed and negotiated by Purchasing to protect the University’s interests.

B-class orders are restricted blankets that may be used only by the department identified by the department’s four-digit code in front of the order number. Your department should maintain a list of open B-class blanket orders if they have been established. The list should include a remaining amount and the expiration date so that your department can track usage and request change orders if they need to add money or renew the blanket order.

K-class orders are campuswide blanket orders that are not restricted to a specific department. Most departments can use agreements established using K-class blanket orders by issuing A-class releases against them.

Depending on the type of goods or services being procured on a blanket, funding source and the amount of the blanket, Purchasing may require that it go through a bid process before it can be renewed. 

Departments may process A-class releases for orders that exceed the University low-value order (LVO) limit if the release limit on the blanket has been set by Purchasing to an amount that is higher than the current LVO limit.

  1. To locate available K-class agreements for various commodities, see the Vendor Agreements List.
  2. When creating a release against an agreement using order-class A releases, enter the K- or B-class agreement number in the field entitled “Base Agreement Number.” You can find additional information on this field in the BruinBuy User Guide.
  3. The supplier should use the A-class Release Number to identify the order, ship and invoice.