Order Class Code D


Order ClassUseHow to Process
DDepartmental Repair Authorization (DRA)

D class orders are generally for immediate repairs that are not covered by product warranties; they are single repair orders.  Departments issue them when requesting the repair from the vendor. Also, use this order class code when shipping an item back to the vendor for repair.

Examples of items typically covered by a D class order are:

  • Computer hardware
  • Furniture
  • Office equipment
  • Musical instruments
  • Other equipment

Insurance Requirements
For items to be repaired on campus, the vendor must provide an insurance certification; contact Campus Purchasing to verify that they maintain one for the vendor and to identify an additional requirements.

Provide a copy of the DRA to the vendor when repairs are made; it contains contractual language to protect the University in case of damage or injuries.

When not to use a DRA
Use a purchase requisition (R class) instead of  a DRA if: 

  • The repair cost may exceed $2,500. 
  • The repair may not be a single occurrence or the equipment may need repair in the future.
  • The repair will upgrade or add value to a piece of equipment. 
  • The vendor will be performing work on campus and does not have evidence of proper insurance before arriving on campus to perform the repair or to pick-up the equipment.