Order-Class Code N


Order Class Use How to Process
NLow-Value Orders (LVO) in BruinBuy

N-class orders allow departments to make purchases per vendor, per account, per day up to $5,000 (excluding freight, shipping and tax) in BruinBuy without going through Campus Purchasing.

Departments must fax a copy of the N-class order via BruinBuy when placing an order with a vendor. The N-class order contains language that protects the University, provides the terms and conditions, and confirms the order. (See the BruinBuy User Guide for more information on system-generated faxes.)  

Because the LVO provides individual campus departments with purchasing authority delegated from the Director of Purchasing, departments must maintain records that indicate that a price comparison took place to establish price reasonableness through one of the following methods:

  • Contacting several vendors and noting their names and prices along with the date on a piece of paper or computer record uniquely identifying the order. 
  • Saving copies of dated advertisements or price lists indicating the current price. These copies must be linked by written order number(s) to a specific transaction(s). 
  • Writing on the order the number for another order where the same or a similar price for the same item was paid.

Departments must also be able to show that funds were available at the time of issue.

Some restrictions apply. Not all items may be purchased through an N-class order. They are also not used when a Strategic Sourcing agreement exists for the product to be ordered.