Order Class Code R

Order Class Use How to Process
RRequisition for Purchase Order (P.O.)

R class orders are memo liens and requisitions of the order to Campus Purchasing.  Campus Purchasing negotiates or competitively bids pricing and establishes the terms and conditions of the order.  The P.O. can cover a single request, or it can cover multiple requisitions or releases.  When Campus Purchasing establishes the P.O. or agreement, an encumbrance is created and the original memo lien is released.

R class orders are used for the following purposes:

  • To order goods and services with values in excess of $2,500 per transaction (excluding freight, shipping and tax) in PAC.  In BruinBuy, the value is $5,000 including freight, shipping and tax.
  • To request goods or services valued under these amounts when assistance in choosing a supplier is required, more must be learned about the item to be ordered or special terms and conditions are under negotiation.
  • To order products and services that require special handling. These include the purchase of firearms, explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials or purchases requiring an authorized UCLA Buyer’s signature on a contract or license.
  • To request establishment of an agreement for a consultant or independent contractor through Campus Purchasing (order class code C).

How to use
Departments submit an R class order to Campus Purchasing to indicate that the memo lien was created in the financial system when the requisition was posted.  You can indicate a vendor you’d like to use or leave the Vendor field blank for Campus Purchasing to determine.

Long-term vendor agreements
If your department will be purchasing several similar items from the same vendor over a period of time, ask Campus Purchasing to establish a blanket agreement. The terms and conditions of purchase and the item prices can be established for a year or more. Send an R requisition or a J requisition to establish a blanket agreement.