Order Class Code X


Order ClassUseHow to Process
XSpecial Items

X class orders are processed when a department contacts a supplier directly to order special products or services such as those listed below. X-class orders do not have limits on dollar amounts and cannot be faxed.

  • Delivery Service 
  • Freight and Shipping 
  • Employee/Student Training and Development - Travel
  • Memberships 
  • Telecommunications (after approval from Telecommunications) 
  • Outgoing Mail (after approval from Mail & Messenger) 
  • Stamp Sales/Postage (after approval from Mail & Messenger) 
  • Utilities 
  • Honoraria 
  • Refunds  
  • Petty Cash

In some cases, these items are available through on-campus departments; you should contact them first.

X-Class orders cannot be used with any supplier that is requiring a signed contract. If this is the case, the department should submit a "J" class requisition to Campus Purchasing so the contract can be reviewed and signed. Campus Purchasing will issue a restricted blanket and the department will pay the invoices by issuing "A" releases against the blanket purchase order.