Order-Class Codes

Order class codes identify the transaction type within BruinBuy/PAC.  They define who may process each transaction (campus departments, Campus Purchasing, or restricted departments) and affect how it is later reported. The order class code is part of the BruinBuy/PAC Order Number.

Generally, order classes N and V can be used for almost any product or service except travel.  Other order class codes are restricted to specific uses, as indicated in the BruinBuy Order Class Codes chart

Note:  Remember to check with campus departments that may provide the product or service you need using recharge before searching for an off-campus vendor. 

The following procedure assumes that you have completed BruinBuy training.  Please see the BruinBuy User Guide for complete information on:

  • Setting up a user profile and defaults
  • Establishing departmental "ship to" addresses for frequently-used vendors
  • Requisition defaults and creating various types of orders
  • Checking the status of orders
  • Making changes to existing orders
  • One-time payee requests and Special Requests (for ad hoc purchases)
  • Generating reports using WebReports in BruinBuy
  • Checking fund balances

The table below provides a list of order classes, descriptions and issuing departments. These codes are available to departmental buyers and UCLA Campus Purchasing buyers. This is a complete list containing codes that can be processed by all applications. To view order-class codes for BruinBuy only, see Related Information.

Campus DepartmentsDescription
IBruinBuy Supplier Site Orders
UBruinBuy Catalog Non-Contract Orders
Campus PurchasingDescription
BBase Restricted Blankets
CConsultant Agreements
HLong-Term Lease, Rental and Purchase (one year or more)
KSystemwide or Campus Agreements, Strategic Sourcing
PPurchase Orders
Restricted Depts*Description
EPerformance Agreements
LRental of Real Estate Enterprises
ZBrief Forms, Short Forms, CA&E Contracts and Facilities

* Housing, Facilities, Real Estate, Wilshire Center, Performing Arts, Payroll