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Advertising Services

Follow these steps to order advertising services and find links to vendors who have agreements with UCLA.



1. Select the vendor.

Select an advertising company from the Vendor Agreements List under the category, Advertisement, Newspaper or Advertising & Creative Services. The Agreements List displays approved vendors who have a standing contract with the University.

To search the Agreements List, click one of the headings: Commodity or Vendor. The list will sort by the selected heading. 

Click on the agreement number for the selected vendor to review the agreement details, including contact information for the supplier and the UCLA buyer who is responsible for the agreement. 

If you are using a vendor who is not on the Agreements List, you must submit a Sole Source Justification to Campus Purchasing.

2. Get a price quote.

Contact the vendor to describe the scope of work and request a written quote. 

3. Place the order.

Approved Vendors
Your advertising order to a UCLA approved vendor must be posted in BruinBuy. You do not have to go through the Campus Purchasing Department.

  • If you have access to the BruinBuy system, you can create an A-class order release in BruinBuy referencing the 0000 K number. See the BruinBuy User Guide after you've logged on for definitions. Include a brief description of the advertising you want to purchase in your BruinBuy order request.

Non-Approved Vendors
Vendors who do not appear on the Vendor Agreements List are considered non-approved vendors. These vendors may not have a history of service to the University. If you are using a non-approved vendor, observe the following requirements.

  • If you have an IT Services user ID and password, you can access BruinBuy to complete your R- or J-Class purchase request. 
  • Your requisition should include a brief description of the advertising you would like to order. Include any of the following documentation for Campus Purchasing review: 
    • For an advertising agency: proposal and fee structure.
    • For a print or broadcast media vendor: proposal, insertion order and current rate card.

If the order is more than $50,000, please complete a Sole Source Justification.

Write the requisition number on all pages of documentation, and fax the order to Campus Purchasing.