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Travel Purchasing

Purchasing airline tickets and making car or hotel reservations through the Travel Center has never been easier! Apply for a UC Travel and Entertainment (T&E) MasterCard to make purchasing airfare more convenient. Make all your travel arrangements online using the T&E MasterCard or contact the Travel Center conveniently located at the Wilshire Center.

Discounted Prices

The UCLA Travel Center is the first University to be designated as a Corporate Travel Department (CTD). This entitles the Travel Center to issue airline tickets and make car and hotel reservations on behalf of all University travelers at discounted prices. As a department of UCLA, we offer several services that set us apart from all other travel agencies or travel internet sites such as direct billing to University departments and state government airfares.

Corporate Travel Card

UCLA provides a US Bank Visa Travel & Entertainment Card to faculty and staff who travel on official University business. Travelers are strongly encouraged to use the card to pay for all expenses related to University business travel, including lodging and subsistence, except where the card is not accepted. The cardholder is personally responsible for paying all charges on the corporate card and for keeping it current. The University will not reimburse or pay late fees incurred in connection with the T & E Card.

Cash Advances

Travelers who have been issued a Travel & Entertainment Card are required to use the card for cash advances. A traveler may obtain cash through the US Bank Visa, by using an ATM machine. An administrative fee of 2.5% (with a minimum charge of $2) is charged for each cash advance obtained through an ATM. This fee appears on the cardholder's monthly statement and is a reimbursable expense. To minimize fees associated with cash advances, we recommend that only the anticipated cash needed for incidental expenses be withdrawn. The T & E Card should be used to charge expenses whenever possible.