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Fiscal Close

SPECIAL NOTE: As we approach the end of FY 2024, we’re closely monitoring UCLA’s invoice backlog. Over the last weeks, we’ve made significant progress in invoice processing and are hopeful this will ensure minimal impact on fiscal year-end activities. In the event of additional delays, we’re developing a continuity plan to ensure accurate recording of year-end expense accruals, appropriate reporting of UCLA financial results, and compliance with audit requirements. We greatly appreciate your patience and will continue to update you during this critical period.

Important Dates

2023 – 2024 PCard purchases should be made no later than Tuesday, May 28.

PCardholders are encouraged to place orders as soon as possible since UCLA does not control when transaction details are sent to U.S. Bank.

Invoices must be submitted no later than Friday, May 31.

If invoices are submitted after this date, Accounts Payable cannot guarantee they will be processed this fiscal year.

If a non-travel & non-entertainment (non-T&E) reimbursement for an unrestricted expensereflects the Approved & In Accounting Review Concur workflow status by Friday, June 7, it will be recorded in the 2023 – 2024 fiscal year. Concur expense reports receive this status once they have completed all departmental and specialized approval steps.

To learn more, review the Non-T&E Reimbursements hub and How to View Approval Workflow training guide.

All outstanding 2023 – 2024 Concur PCard statement reports must receive departmental approval no later than Friday, June 14.

Review the PCard Reconciliation Calendar for additional information.

NOTE: The May 16 – May 31 statement report can be submitted as early as June 3.

If you’re familiar with the legacy BruinBuy system, irregular invoices are the BruinBuy Plus equivalent of hold & incomplete (H&I) invoices. Irregular invoices have been placed on hold and/or matching exception and require department or vendor action before they can be processed.

Complete the following steps by end of day Friday, June 14:

  1. Access your organization’s personalized Irregular Invoice Backlog Inventory. This custom inventory link was included in our June 3 communication to irregular invoice points of contact (POCs), CAOs, and CFOs. If you did not receive this communication and need access, submit a ticket through our Irregular Invoice General Questions & Requests form.
  2. To resolve an invoice, follow the relevant instructions on the Irregular Invoice Resolution web page.

If the appropriate actions are not taken by the June 14 deadline, impacted invoices may be 1) rejected OR 2) not paid this fiscal year. Additional information can be found on the Irregular Invoice Resolution web page.

NOTE: Irregular invoices should be actioned on an ongoing basis; however, this fiscal close effort is solely for invoices submitted on or before April 3. We cannot guarantee that irregular invoices from April 4 or later will be fully resolved and processed by the end of June. We’ll continue to provide irregular invoice guidance during the next fiscal year.

If you have a memo lien from requisitions or encumbrances associated with open orders that have been 1) fully paid or 2) should be closed this fiscal year, submit a request to close the PO. Once this request is fulfilled, the balances will be removed from your ledger. 

On Saturday, June 29, all BruinBuy Plus and legacy BruinBuy transactions related to fiscal year 2023 – 2024 should reflect on the general ledger. Review your ledgers to ensure the expected expenses have been recorded.

If an invoice is missing and the expense needs to be accrued, follow the Inventory, Accrual, & Deferral form instructions and submit Form E by 10 a.m. on Monday, July 8.